Underground nuclear waste storage: Would underground nuclear waste storage present a threat?

  • Eventually it would, yes

    You can't just bury something and think it's not going to work its way back into the ecosystem. I couldn't say how long it'd take, nor could most people, but I think it's pretty evident that this practice would eventually pose a problem and the damage would be done by the time we noticed.

  • Seeps Into Groundwater

    Storing nuclear waste underground presents a threat to groundwater and anyone who lives near the facility. Poisoned water and irradiated animals can pose dangers not readily detectable until much later in life. The only way to truly get rid of nuclear waste is to send it up in rockets and set a course for the sun. In the future when space travel becomes more economical, that's how humanity will get rid of all its waste--fling garbage scows into the sun and vaporize our waste materials that can't be recycled.

  • Yes, it would loom as a threat.

    When we create nuclear waste we have the issue of what to do with it that is not harmful. And of course there is no answer to this. Burying the waste underground is polluting the earth. And any way in which we have polluted the earth has and will come back to haunt us.

  • In The Future

    I think the most dangerous aspect of underground nuclear waste storage is the possibility of future generations not being aware of what it is. I think underground nuclear waste storage is probably one of the best options we have at the moment, but if these bunkers are later found and can not be realized for their potential danger, then there could be a problem.

  • Underground nuclear waste storage would present a threat.

    Underground nuclear waste storage would most certainly present a threat. This is because nuclear waste is absolutely harmful. The geology of the earth is not entirely stable. Plate tectonics, volcanoes, and earthquakes are concerns evn in areas in which they shouldn't be. Nuclear waste should be disposed of in a different way.

  • Underground nuclear waste storage presents a threat.

    Underground nuclear waste storage presents a serious threat
    to the environment. The nuclear waste
    poisons the ecosystem and even contaminates the soil around the dump site. People living in the vicinity of these places
    often mysteriously develop cancer.
    Plants and animals around dump sites often die. The only safe way to dispose of nuclear waste
    is to launch it into space.

  • Underground storage of nuclear waste poses an environmental threat

    Even with the best containment options, there are always chances that buried nuclear waste will contaminate air, soil and ground water. Storage containers may not maintain their integrity over time and can weaken with age, increasing the chance that hazardous waste will leak. The amount of time it takes for air, soil and water to be reclaimed, and the risk posed to people and wild life makes underground storage of nuclear waste an unnecessary risk.

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