• The unemployment rate is not the problem for our college graduates.

    Graduates believe they have the attitude they should be hired out of school at top dollar. They have no interest in learning about the long term future of a company. It's all about me. This whole attitude has been formed because of an education sector that has coddled these students/graduates for 20 plus years.

  • Technology requires job seekers be more flexible

    The economy is actually doing pretty well, unemployment is down and labor force participation is up. But technology is changing so quickly that skills obtained even a few years ago are rapidly becoming obsolete. A college degree, ipso facto, is just not that useful--a specific skill in a valued major is vital.

  • Yes, there are other factors involved.

    There are various factors involved with college students not getting jobs after graduating. One of them is the ease of moving back home, and how people are now delaying having families until their 30s. People are encouraged to stay dependent and remain as "kids" longer than they used to be. Additionally, there are definitely fewer jobs available, and with a lot of people getting college degrees, there are less jobs available for them; many don't want to be underemployed and instead choose not to work.

  • College Graduates can get jobs, just not ones they want

    It is my opinion that recent college graduates are having a harder and harder time securing successful employment due to their mentality that they deserve an excellent job with a good starting salary immediately. I recently graduated, could not find a job in my field, and instead of moving home I took whatever job I could find. The economy does impact their ability to get jobs, but there are jobs available if you want them badly enough.

  • The Health Care Law means fewer full-time jobs.

    The economy finds a way to continue and adjust to laws and responded to the greater obstacle to providing full-time employment for new employees due to health-care requirements by turning to more part-time and contract workers. If you are looking for full-time work, you won't find it if your inexperienced, hence the skyrocketing unemployment rates for those newly seeking work.

  • We do not like to train people

    I have notice employers love experience these days. Most every where I have worked hates training people. In this profit driven market, employers just want to make money today. They do not seem to be overly concerned with the long term future of their company. Our economy is not teaching young people proper tools for the future. This country is going to be scary looking if this attitude persists in about 10 to 20 years.

  • Its all about the economy

    If your looking for some reason other than the fact that students have no jobs when they get out. Its not going to bring you anywhere. The issue is exactly that, no jobs, The economy is bust and the job positions are flooded, rather then hire a college student you can get a person with experience, its a no thought decision..

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