• How about underemployment?

    For the sake of logic, Let's factor in minimum wage Taco Bell/McDonalds whatever jobs as essentially "unemployment. " Hell, Any "service industry" job works here. You're a slave for chump change, And eventually, That's going to piss you off.

    Without a decent income, Someone living in poverty can't afford the things they need in life. Like cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs, Etc. They have to resort to illegal means to secure these needs; i. E. Sending their child behind the counter to steal a carton of cigarettes, Robbing a register for about $80, Identity theft/fraud. . . Etc.

    We've effectively created a one-way society, Where multi-billionaires rule over us as though we are a feudal caste system - they exist in place of kings. Millionaires take the place of the dukes and counts, Whereas managers are mere barons, Often miserable, Poor, And overworked.

    "Unemployment, " or as I like to say, "underemployment, " is the degradation of the human soul by wage slavery & debt slavery. The soul can and will transcend these chains. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said; "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, And bid defiance to the laws of our country. "

  • Unemployment causes crimes

    Unemployment is a major cause in the increase in various crimes in the society unemployed youth due to lack of money and hunger tend to engage in criminal activities, There should be a provision of jobs for the youth unemployed youth are emotional emotional troubled and take their frustrations on other people

  • I am a feminist You might not think we have very much in common say everything’s triggering and you say everything’s uu know, What means

    I am a feminist
    You might not think we have
    very much in common
    But we share essentially
    the same ideology
    and Muslims are oppressed
    just like every woman
    I say “haram”
    I say “problematic”
    you say everything’s triggering
    and you say everything’s unquaranic
    cos you are an Islamist
    and you are a feminist
    we have so very much in common
    I say “Islamophobia”
    I say “misogyny”
    I blame the Jewish media
    and I blame the patriarchy
    cos I am a feminist
    and I am an Islamist
    a whiny pair of little spastics
    You know, What means me feel like really marginalized? Is when ignorant people remain me that the prophet, Allahu alaihi wa-sallam had sex with a little 9-year old girl. Muhammad had sex with a child? Oh, That’s awesome. That means that every white sister heteronormative pedophile here in the West is guilty and cultural appropriation. And that’s the real societal problem.
    Oh yeah.
    See, It’s easy when you look at the world through problematic glasses.
    Oh, Who would have thought that you and me would get along so well.
    I say “social justice”
    I say “jihad”
    I say “Slutwalk”
    I say “Whore, Where is your hijab? ”
    cos I am an Islamist
    and I am a feminist
    We have so very much in common
    So do you mind if I rape you know?
    Oh, Don’t be silly. It’s not rape when I’m Muslim does it?
    That is a good one.

  • Not from what i have witnessed

    I just wrote something before but i don't see it posted so i don't know what happen, . Anyways, From what i have witnessed its not the unemployed, Its just men that are bored or want something not generally money though, . Like breaking into clothing stores for expensive clothes or feeling like they want to drive right now an blast the radio so they steal a car, Or they go into starbucks an walk out without paying, . They have had jobs from time to time but they get bored of it, . Many of them are Like babys, An some of them have been institutionalized most of their lives so they want to go back in, . They say the outside world is Like a big playground to them with no guards watching their every move so they can do whatever they want, . Maybe they can build some type of holding facilities for them i don't know the answer of where to put them, . An some of them have no feelings for others no compassion no nothing, Maybe they have some kind of mental issues there, An they will hurt people animals an kids, Just because its there, An they can do whatever an nobody can stop them, . The World We Live in, . Who would have thought, . Not me. Im scared everyday these people will come back to haunt me an kill me, . Because i tell on them but nobodys Listening.

  • Crimes causes poverty and unemployment rates.

    To say that poverty “causes” crime is like saying that people chewing with their mouths open is what “causes” me to slap them. What exactly do you mean by “causes? ” Sure, Seeing someone chew with his mouth open may be the reason I choose to slap him. But that doesn’t mean that seeing him chew with his mouth open literally caused me to make that choice.

    Put another way, It’s like saying that being horny and sex-deprived and seeing a girl in a short skirt and a low-cut top “causes” a rapist to rape her. Whoah, Wait a minute, Buddy! Now we’re victim-blaming? Following the “poverty causes crime” logic, Maybe the solution to rape is to buy would-be rapists a steady stream of prostitutes. After all, They’re lashing out because of unmet needs! Maybe it’s our fault as a society that rape happens, Because we failed to meet those rapists’ needs.

    Not only is all logic against the “poverty causes crime” thesis, But all of the evidence is as well. And we have an overwhelming amount of it.

    The “poverty causes crime” thesis does not hold water when we compare crime and poverty rates between racial groups today, Either.

    Blacks and Hispanics experience similar levels of poverty. If poverty “causes” crime, We should expect blacks and Hispanics to have similar rates of it. And yet, The Hispanic violent crime rate is only slightly higher than the white crime rate. Both whites and Hispanics commit far fewer crimes than blacks. In 2006, 21% of Hispanics lived in poor households and 37% of young Hispanic men had not completed high school. Compare this with 25% of blacks and 26% of young black men. 3. 8% fewer Hispanics lived in poor households, But 11% more had failed to graduate high school.

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