UNESCO, USA leaving: Should the USA leave the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization?

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  • No the USA should not leave the UNESCO.

    The USA should continue to work with and participate among the UNESCO because it is a joint effort in improving the world around us today. If one finds the soltuion to a problem, it will be studied and shared which keeps the world a peaceful and helpful place like it should be. That way Americans can continue to advance along with other nations belonging to the UNESCO.

  • We should stay at UNESCO, we have a lot to share.

    I Believe the US should stay at UNESCO, it is on global collaboration where we would be able to help others and help ourselves with all educational problems, and it is on education where the world would be able to leave in peace in the next generation, the biggest treat for all human kind is leaving people without access to technology and education. It is a big mistake to leave those global efforts.

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