Unhealthy restaurant meals: Are you conscious of how healthy your meal is when you dine out?

  • I am quite conscious

    Mostly about the calorie content. I generally try and pick the foods with the lowest calorie content which are generally continentally the most nutrient rich too, as they tend to involve fruits and vegetables. It is difficult to find the calorie content for most restaurant foods though, so I tend to have to make an educated guess.

  • I normally am.

    Ninety percent of the time when I eat out, I am conscious of the calories and fat in whatever food I order. On rare occasions I will just order whatever sounds good to me without putting much thought into the health of the dish. I would like to add that I think it should be law that every restaurant have the calorie and fat count next to each menu item.

  • Yes.I am conscious on unhealthy meal in the restaurant.

    As I have experienced in working in many restaurants in past , I know the meal are somewhat unhealthy.As they are concern mainly on focusing profit rather than on consumer's health.Not all,But in my opinion 60% meal are unhealthy.The main factor for unhealthy meal is the materials they cook like they use uses oil,mixed up rotten ingredients with fresh ingredients,uses flavouring substances which are harmful for us.

  • Conscious and Unhealthy

    I freak out at all the calories, fat, salt, and other stuff, but sometimes you need to give yourself a treat. I don't eat out every day and I try to be healthy. That is honestly the best thing I-or anyone can do about it. Eat healthy, but have a rare treat.

  • Eating out is a treat!

    If I'm eating out, it's because I want to treat myself! I don't eat out very often, so when I do, the last thing on my mind is how healthy the meal is. I just want it to look and taste phenomenal. I can worry about calorie counting and the nutrition content of my meals at home.

  • It's good to be happy

    We believe that food should be enjoyed anytime you can and you shouldn't worry about the impact on your body, because if you really care about your body you will go to the gym, work out or some sort of activity to keep your body healthy. Therefore it doesn't matter if you treat yourself with a good dinner

  • Generally not enough information provided

    I think that we SHOULD be cautious of how healthy our meals are, how they are prepared, and where they come from. Companies, however, tend to make it difficult to find more than the bare minimum of information that will keep their customers satisfied so they can continue to do the bare minimum in relation to health. Not all restaurants are like this, some do provide very good health information, but in general no, I am not aware of how healthy my food is when I eat anything I buy, even at home, because the information is not very accessible.

  • No, I don't

    Because if I am eating out which isn't common to begin with I know that the mainstay of my diet allows me to enjoy a meal that is not necessarily the healthiest thing on the planet. I would be more concerned if I ate out more often and had to account for the effects on my body.

  • No, I don't pay attention

    When I am going out it is a treat. I order something that I do not normally make or eat at home. When I am looking at choices and a healthy meal stands out I would get it base off of taste and if it sounds appealing. I feel that I can always diet and eat healthier at home but this is a treat.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-08-01T02:05:40.717
Everything in moderation. There are very few foods that are bad for you, as long as you don't overindulge.