• Standing up for Democracy

    If you believe in democracy then you believe that an issue affecting multiple people should be resolved by enforcing what the majority of the people believe is the correct answer to the issue. In every corporation the workers are far numerous than the executives but the executives override the belief of the majority of workers. Hence to stand up for democracy, unions are born. The ultimate aim should be workers unity across all corporations, halting production if executives don't project socially benevolent goals for utility of the workers' labour. A structural reform of production towards socialism not only allows, but encourages workers' democracy, but that can only occur if most workers join unions and ensure democracy and transparency within unions.

  • I say yes with caution

    But some unions are ridiculous. Such as teachers' unions. In some case there's one more evil -- paraprofessionals, the ones who are abusive. I don't think that they should even be allowed their job -- the ones who are abusive that is. But other unions can do some good. But I say it reluctantly.

  • Totally agree with it.

    Nowaday due to a lot of fields and this make certain authorities may ignore certain fields. Somemore union may help some considered as "low class" carrier occupations to protect their rights as the employee. Union should be fair and active to help in their members. Other than that, union also can united the people to move further in certain field as members benefits and rights was conserved

  • A definite YES for unions

    Most everyone, including management, has benefited from unions. Some of the many benefits unions have won, include: paid sick-leave, paid vacations, paid holidays, paid health insurance, paid dental insurance, and paid pensions. There are two kinds of people in the world: union-members and the rest of the world. UNIONS FOREVER!

  • It works in Europe

    In Europe, we have strong unions. I don't know to what extent it is due to that but Europe (especially Northern Europe) has better living standards than the US. This is due to higher wages, and pro-worker labor laws. Strikes and the ability to protest are essential civil disobedience mechanisms that allow workers to have their fair share of the profit.

  • They have become obsolete,

    Those that profess that unions do a lot for people are getting scammed. Unions were good in the '30s but you are in the 21st century. Now with the internet and government, you can post something on the internet or report some abuse. You can get a law suit and win now. Thanks to the lawyers you can win on crazy abuse stories.
    Those that profess that socialism= democracy hasn't read any history or the news. Venezuela has a socialist leader that just procured the power to decree. Violence rages in those lands of socialism and communism. They have failing economies prove by the EU and Asia. Government runned organizations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac= bad business=problems for the people.
    Your benevolent democracy under socialism hasn't existed ever. No workers democracy has ever worked. Socialism's goal is to bring down the bourgeoisie to the level of the proletariat creating everyone equally poor and miserable. What needs changing is the bringing up of the proletariat to the level of the bourgeoisie. Democracy doesn't exist when poverty and socialism existed. Look at former Russia, China, Bangladesh, India, EU and other; what good have they done... Of these, they have had many genocides, economic problems, economic/political inequality, political oppression, Racism, Sexism, and other problems.
    Unions have ignored people and are self interested people the are pushing a political machine that is controlling/manipulating people into their political ideology. They are now = to Detroit Machine, Boss Tweet and Other gangsters that control people. This profession of the saving of the lower class is the profession to kill producers because they took too big of a risk and got to much reward. This abuse story your run is a great example of your inability to read the news and history.
    I will admit their is good and bad parts of capitalism but anything else has been proven to be worst. Your benevolent goals of workers unite is crazy. How did socialism work for those in the Ukraine during the Holodomor or for the people of Greece do to socialism "equality".
    Unions have outlived their time and now the men and women of today can do the work the Unions did.

  • Unions hurt rather than help

    Unions have done more to polarize America than any hate group. It has worked against business interests and is part of the reason we are beginning to lag behind the rest of the world. It is not too late to get rid of this since it is a relatively new agency.

  • Union bad bitch

    Dey so bad nobody want them they ugly af. I was sitting in the movie theater watching cars 2 and this black guy yelled "this n---- eating beans" and everyone laughed at me and that is when i became a republican - donald trump from the year 29 17 bitch

  • Why should I pay someone to get a job?

    I grew up in a small Indiana town to parents who were in unions (teamsters/laborers) and what I can truly say from personal experience is this: I watched both parents struggle with the horseshit that union bosses put on their members (favoritism, embezzlement, fraudulent activities). I have also noticed that unions protect lazy workers or folks that are simply "allergic to work". I am in the aviation industry and I will never take a union job. As included in my header, why would I pay someone for a job when I use my experience, knowledge and work ethic to get hired. Unions are a crock of shit in the present day. I am sure they had their place in history, but with all the political motivations and somehow being some sort of necessity for a worker to communicate with management is pure baloney. Granted, I have worked for private firms that have worked employees over with lack of lunch breaks, long hours, payroll issues and favoritism but at the end of the day, I have left those jobs and picked up with firms that truly appreciate quality people. My two cents.

  • Useful then, obsolete now.

    The unions that were once so useful for obtaining a minimum wage and a limit to the hours of work in a week have now become obsolete and outdated. Unions exist today for the sole purpose of making money. They have little effect upon our day-to-day lives, now that our rights are protected by laws and charters that workers in the 20th century fought for and obtained, albeit through unions.

    Unlike the unions that brought a minimum age for working and employer responsibility, our unions today are counterproductive, promoting seniority as opposed to excellence, promoting laziness as opposed to productivity. Their main focus is now on self-preservation, convincing workers they are needed despite the fact that workers in the majority of countries enjoy the safety of certain laws governing the workplace.

  • They are not needed and they waste time

    They did help us create labor laws, but that was a long time ago and barely anything else has changed. Sometimes union leaders ask for the impossible, or things they cannot get. Unions are a lot of work, and the members need to comprehend the financials, the negotiation, and all of the work that goes into forming a union.

  • Not today, no

    Back in the day unions were fantastic. They used a democratic means, allowing any workers who wanted to join them to bargain for greater benefits. Those who didn't wish to join didn't have to and were not subject to either the risk or reward of union membership.

    Today's unions, like feminists, have descended to the point where their primary goal is not to support equality or greater rights, but to raise more money for left-wing parties and organizations. Union dues go overwhelmingly towards paying the bosses and politicians, and in 26 states unions can be allowed to force non-union members to pay dues or even force workers to join unions if they don't want. Because unions are now fundraisers, not practical rights groups, almost all private-sector workers have ditched them and most that remain are public-sector unions that collectively bargain against the American taxpayer. That is neither useful nor does it help the taxpayer.

    Naturally, those who are not on the left have no interest in joining unions, while those on the left want as many people to join unions as possible because more unionized workers means more money for left-wing groups. Rather than working for the rights of the worker, unions now fight for boosting the size of their coffers, and that benefits no one but the higher-ups and the politicians they buy out.

    Posted by: TN05

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