United Nations No Growth Budgets: Does a "no-growth" policy threaten to undermine budgetary flexibility in the UN?

  • Yes, the UN should have the possibility of extending its budget if need be.

    Yes, budgetary constraints within the United Nations could undermine the Organization's flexibility. The purpose of the United Nations is to serve its member countries by maintaining peace while respecting countries' sovereignty. To attain this objective, the UN can use different methods going from mediation to peacekeeping operations. Today there are 15 UN peacekeeping operations in the world. And we certainly understand that these operations can be very costly. But what if there is a need to deploy more such forces? Will the UN restrain from doing so and put populations' life in danger because of the Organization's "no-growth" policy? I think the UN should have a policy that leaves room to possible growth.

  • No, they can live within their means.

    No, a no-growth policy does not threaten to undermine the United Nations, because the United Nations has a large budget, and small cuts will not undermine the UN's ability to be effective. A no-growth policy works in a household. When the income is stagnant, so is spending. The United Nations is capable of living within their means, just like a household.

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