United Nations No Growth Budgets: Is it unfair for the United States to assert its interests and will in pushing for a no-growth policy?

  • The United States needs to stop being the unfair nation it is trying to be.

    As an American, I do believe, that I do live in the greatest country of the world; most of the time. However, there are times I do see the U.S. pushing into a lot more than they should be. With unaccounted, mis-advised, and hidden; raids, entries, and surveillance of other countries; and it's own people needs to stop. Now, I do not believe the U.S. has any right to assert, and try to override many other countries just for a change THEY would like to see. It's the main problem with the world today being that too many people have to satisfied too many different ways.

  • No, the US pays the bills.

    No, it is not unfair for the United States to push for a no-growth policy among the United Nations, because it is the United States that pay the bulk of the bill for the operations of the United Nations. When other nations want to pay the bill, they are fine to expand the UN.

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