United Nations No Growth Budgets: Is the US policy of No Growth Budgets in the United Nations justified?

  • The US policy of No Growth Budgets in the United Nations is Justified because it would leverage a lot of it upon the United States, while letting other Countries use it for their own gain.

    The fact of the matter is a increase of the percentage cut of the budget from the United States would be a very large contribution compared to other Nations within the United Nations, The UN has become dependent on the USA and other industrialized nations to foot quite a large section of it already. Consider the fact that the UN has went against United States wishes in some matters alongside of that.

  • No Growth Doesn't Equal a Cut

    In today's world of government, any budget that doesn't significantly increase spending is considered a "cut" even though no money is cut. In a time when the United States is facing its own internal fiscal challenges, it should not be expected to increase its costs for the U.N. as well.

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