United Nations Standing Army: Does a standing army fit the purpose and nature of the UN?

  • United Nations needs a form of enforcement

    It would stand to reason that if the UN had no form of enforcing its policies, it would be a defunct political group with no real influence. The United Nations has made some mistakes, but it has also stabilized the World. It is still a very relevant venue for World leaders to make decisions that affect a global economy. The UN handles crimes committed against the people of entire nations –
    without an active force many of those small nations would grow into powerful dictators with no regard for human life.

  • Nations Contribute to UN Military

    The United Nations doesn't need a standing army, lest it become known as an enforcement agency rather than an organization trying to help bring about a peaceful world. Individual nations can supply the UN with military personnel as needed, but a standing army isn't in line with the UN's mandate of resolving the world's issues peacefully.

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