United States Marines' revised training regime: Do gender-neutral physical standards work better for combat jobs?

  • Yes it does.

    The gender neutral training programs eliminates the discrimination between men and women. It allows both genders to be respected as people and given the opportunity for the full extent of the training so when they are thrown into combat they are as ready as they can be without anything holding them back.

  • Standards need to be high.

    Gender neutral physical standards are a must in the military. If females want to enter combat, they need to be held to the exact same standards as males instead of taking an easier path. If they can't reach this, then they need to find another way to serve our country.

  • Yes, gender-neutral physical standards work better for combat jobs

    Yes, gender-neutral physical standards work better for combat jobs. This is because they can simply have tests t judge someone's physical abilities regardless of gender. The same standard can be applied to males and females. Males will probably perform better due to gender differences but there is no need for a standard that specifies that a person be male.

  • Both Men and Women Should be Able to Serve Equally

    The Marines are some of the United States finest and any individual serving in combat roles would be honored to be a part. Having different standards for either gender serves as a way to undermine the value or their training or make a gender appear less fit for combat then the other.

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