Universal Healthcare: Should everyone in the country be provided free healthcare paid for by taxes?

  • Health is too important to be commodified

    As witnessed by widespread protests in Australia following the government's proposal to propose a surcharge on a visit to the M.D, healthcare is just too important an industry to be subject to supply and demand, as people's health is a major component in the economy afterall. In addition, if it may be funded, then I see no argument which may refute universal healthcare.

  • Yes, healthcare should be the right of every citizen

    Just as citizens are protected by police officers and fire fighters, health care should be the right of every citizen. Ours is the only advanced country in the world without a form of universal health care. Instead, we have tried to make commodities out of a person's health. The results have been nothing short of disastrous.

  • Yes, everyone in the country should be provided free healthcare paid for by taxes.

    Yes, everyone in the country should be provided free healthcare paid for by taxes. Dozens of other countries incorporate universal healthcare into their societies, with various degrees of success. In order to continue being a world leader, the US must follow suit by supporting all of the people within its borders.

  • "Free healthcare" is not free if it is "paid for by taxes"

    Every person in the nation receiving free healthcare is, of course, a concept most people would consider a good idea. No one wants people to have to suffer poor health without having the ability to pay for treatment. However, healthcare cannot be free because doctors and nurses cannot work without getting paid. Someone somewhere has to pay for it and simply raising taxes would not equal free healthcare, it would equal healthcare with a cost, paid for by taxes. Affordable healthcare, however, is a realistic goal, and one that is worth working towards.

  • Everyone in the country should not be provided free healthcare paid for by taxes

    A serious misnomer relative to free healthcare is that it is, in fact, free. There is no free lunch. Healthcare is not a constitutional right and the ever shrinking class of taxpayers that actually contribute to tax coffers is shrinking. To burden those taxpayers with even more liabilities is not only unfair, it is immoral.

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