Universal Jurisdiction: Should any court have jurisdiction over offenses in other countries?

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  • Countries should be able to judge their own offenses

    No court should have the power to extend its reach to another countries. If one person from one country is found to be committing a crime in another country, the country that offense has taken place should be able to decide on whether they will prosecute the subject or send the subject back to their home country. This will stop persons from committing crimes in other countries.

  • No, state sovereignty is important.

    No, no court should have jurisdiction over offenses in other countries, because each state should have the ability to determine what it considered crime and how it will punish crime. This is not to say that there cannot be a liberal definition of whether an offense occurred in a country, so as to allow for multiple jurisdictions in some countries. However, a person in one country deciding whether to undertake a particular action should not have to follow another country's laws, simply because they fear retribution later.

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