• Yes, it is

    I feel that it is basically a Civil War. You have the people fighting against the Police and it is constant violence. I think it is a very dangerous situation and is going to continue to escalate until something more is done. I feel that this is going to go on for some time and that National Guard needs brought in and a different Police Department to figure out how to handle it.

  • Civil War in Ferguson?

    I respectfully disagree with the above poster on two points. First, the teen that lost his life, which started all this, was by ALL accounts resisting arrest and attempted to flee from a police officer. In my state fleeing, or attempting to flee, from a police officer is classified as a felony. A fleeing felon can be shot by the police officer who was trying to do the job he was hired to do.

    On the second point, is it a civil war? If it isn't a civil then it is as close as you can get to one without it being one. Shots are being fired at uniformed police officers who are from multiple jurisdictions. While law enforcement units are paramilitary in their nature, they are not equipped, or trained, to handle a coordinated armed response such as we are seeing taking place In Ferguson, MO. In addition there are reports coming out that at least one outside group (the New Black Panthers) has sent some of its members to Ferguson to "elevate" the violence. On top of this, Gov. Nixon has "called out" the National Guard and there are multiple requests being made to the White House to federalize those troops and if necessary send in additional units. In addition to all that, Obama has ordered his generals to "monitor closely" the escalating situation in Ferguson.

  • Not a civil war. Yet.

    For a civil war to happen, there must be a larger amount of people involved, on both sides. As it stands right now, it is police vs civilians, in an attempt to keep peace and control. I do think, however, that if order is not maintained quickly, that it could turn very ugly, very quickly.

  • No, not yet anyway

    It's not a civil war because it is not widespread. I haven't even heard about it and I answer news topic questions all the time. If I read about it and see that there are enough places involved it could be. It could turn into one, but at this point I really don't think so.

  • No, unrest in Ferguson does not spell civil war

    Although burdened by heavy political and civil unrest, the social climate in Ferguson, Missouri does not spell civil war. Protesters and police are facing off as demonstrations and rallies reach violent heights, resulting in the use of tear gas and rubber bullets upon civilian protesters. While these militarized responses illicit concern, the focus of civilian unrest is due to the wrongful shooting of a teenager. While serious concern should be exercised, there is no cause for worry of the violence escalating to the level of a civil war.

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