• Ted Cruz will win the Republican nomination if he runs.

    Ted Cruz is dominating the GOP straw polls and on Facebook and Twitter he keeps it flooded with constant news about his actions so he has been successfully keeping himself in center stage. Also it is refreshing to see a politician keep his campaign promises and he has never waived. He is Obama's fiercest opponent as well as a top opponent of the RINO GOP Elites who hate him. However, the hate relationship between Cruz and the GOP Establishment works to Cruz's favor since after the RINO Romney disaster in 2012 the GOP base is sick of establishment backed RINO candiadtes and they want a conservative candidate who has a rock solid record of actions and not just words and nobody has more on their political action list than Ted Cruz. Another thing that cannit hurt Ted Cruz but may help him is his hispanic background. This may appeal him to the very conservative Cuban voters in the important primary state of Florida. My vet is firmly on Senator Ted Cruz for 2016.

  • Yes, I think he coudl definatley win

    I think that Ted Cruz has a great chance of winning the nomination for 2016. I think the Republicans are looking for someone fresh that can relate to the younger voters. Someone who people can get excited over again and can gain popularity considering they have lost he last two Presidential elections they are going to want to go with someone new and different.

  • Yes, the Republican Party has become a lot more conservative.

    If you take a look at the Republican Party, you can see that the party has gone completely to the right. They are the "no to everything" crowd and Ted Cruz is the leader. Ted Cruz is one of the most conservative people in the world and this makes him a hero to the Republican Party, which makes him one of the favorites to win the Republican nomination in 2016.

  • He is popular.

    Yes, Ted Cruz can win the Republican nomination for 2016, because he is popular and people like him. He also speaks in simple terms about the country that people can understand. He relates to the Hispanic people as well. He has an interesting personal story that a lot of people can relate to.

  • No, I don't believe he can.

    I believe he was the one that was primarily leading the charge to have the government shut down during the debt crisis. That stunt proved to be a failure because it cost the American people billions while not setting the budget the Republicans wanted. I think it will be an utter failure if their nominate him because he will not receive the moderate vote.

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