Upper oceanic heat transport: Should we be trying to control the weather?

  • Why shouldn't we

    Weather, for all the overridding good it obviously does, can be a nasty beast to us sometimes. We as humans are well within our rights and capabilities to do so. Liberals have no problem trying to control and perfect man, even though that is impossible and a soft science, whereas weather is a hard and quantifiable science. I can find liberal hypocrisy in everything. It's like Rule 34, no exceptions.

  • Wheather is nature and can not be controlled

    No, humans should not attempt to control weather. We have tried and failed in many cases in predicting what mother nature will do. If humans move to attempt to control weather, it will cause a disruption in the natural actions of nature and may cause negative outcomes. It is very arrogant for humans to believe that we should be able to control natural occurances.

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