• Yes, right now it is

    Ferguson is definitely a dangerous place to live right now, I would be very worried if I was currently there. I think the violence is just going to continue to escalate and that things are going to get very bad there. It is not a place I would feel safe at and especially with having kids.

  • Too many hate and violence

    The hate between blacks and police has grown way too powerful. I would not want to live in Ferguson with all the riots and violence. There is not peace in that police and soon there is gonna be a race war. It may start in Ferguson, Mo. Peace is dropping rapidly in that police and now more riot and crap is going on. If a black sees a white, they may want to kill that white person. It's not only Ferguson that don't have peace but the whole world as well. Here is my conclusion, children may be fed with violence and it is not a good place to raise your children with all that hate, riot and violence

  • I literally live 3 miles from the Ferguson police station

    I've lived here my whole life. My parents have lived here their whole lives. None of us have ever been the victim of any sort of violent crime. Once, when I was a kid, my brother's bike got stolen, but we literally left it out and unlocked. So, yeah. Not a very dangerous place. Anyway, there's lots of nice little restaurants and things in Ferguson, and the people are very kind. There's a great sense of community.

  • A city is as safe as we make it.

    Labeling Ferguson, MO as being too dangerous does not solve the problem. Part of the reason why some areas go into a decline is due to the fact of stigma. We label something as dangerous and everyone moves away. Those who cannot move are cut off from the rest of us and forgotten.

  • No,Missouri is a wonderful state to live in.

    No,Missouri is a wonderful state to live in. No state or city should be put down by on incident. I think that there are many wonderful things to see and do in Missouri today. I would feel totally safe in the town despite everything. I think people might be overreacting a bit.

  • Missouri is not a dangerous place to live.

    While the violence is escalating in Ferguson, it would be unfair to classify Missouri as a whole "dangerous." Ferguson is now polarized over a question of race relations and the conduct of their law enforcement personnel. Citizens feel threatened and have turned to violence to express their outrage over the incident. This behavior and situation is isolated to one area. Saying Missouri is a dangerous place to live based off this isolated incident is an unfair assessment.

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