• Verlander did receive more votes and Upton is rightly upset

    Kate Upton's tweets about her baseball-star fiance, Justin Verlander, not winning the American League Cy Young Award are understandable. Verlander did receive more 1st place votes. It was due to two writers not having him on their ballots that he lost out on the coveted award. Her tweets are understandable and justified.

  • Yes she was.

    I see nothing wrong with Kate Upton defending Justin Verlander. Even though she is Verlander's fiancee i believe she has the right to defend him against the profound Tweet. Kate Upton claimed that his baseball-star fiancé, Justin Verlander, was robbed of the American League Cy Young. Therefore, i agree with this.

  • Yes, I agree with Kate Upton defending her boyfriend Justin Verlander.

    I agree with Kate Upton defending her boyfriend Justin Verlander. Justin is a very good pitcher and he could have been picked to be the Cy Young winner this year, but he was not. Kate thinks that her boyfriend is the best pitcher and thinks that he should have gotten the award.

  • There are many opinions.

    Of course Upton is going to defend Verlander. They have a close personal relationship. Who wins awards in Major League Baseball is a matter of debate. For every opinion there is an equal and opposite opinion. He did not deserve to win this year, but he still is an amazing player. She is just defending a close friend.

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