Urban Black Culture(Hood Culture) is Overrated

Asked by: Debater554
  • It's just idiotic.

    The who idea of idolizing criminal behavior is just foolish. They are not hero's or even role models but people who don't care about anyone but themselves.
    Thing is, Young kids only see things like cars, Money, And what appears to be friends. What they don't see is the people they harm like kids they hook on drugs. Women they treat like dirt and others they coax into prostitution. They rarely have decent homes and usually end up dead, Crippled, Or in prison.
    What's funny is the fashion statements they make. The trend of wearing their pants down below their hips is from stays in prison where it was in invite to other inmates.
    Rap music is an oxymoron as it's not actually music but closer to beatnik poetry that was made popular by hip white people back in the 50's - 60's. Look at it this way. Music without instrumental accompaniment is called acepella and music without singing is called an instrumental, And music without both is silence. Fact is, You don't need to sing to be a rap star and you almost never see any instruments. Most of the time what you hear as music is actually a drum machine and or samples of other actual musicians work. You don't need any musical talent to speak poetry nor do you need any to hit the play button. If it requires zero music talent, How can you call it music?

  • Rap, Hood Dialect, And Wanna-Be Gangsters Are Disgusting

    Rap is not a terrible music genre by nature, But a lot of modern rappers are terrible. If you have to use a program like auto-tune, Which sounds awful, To assist you in singing, You should not be a singer. The way they act is also disgusting, The "Hood Dialect" is so stupid and forced upon younger people, And I can't stand it. Wanna-be gangsters are the worst of it, Acting like arrogant little shits who act like they've "been through shit" when all they've really had to deal with is being spoiled by their parents. This culture is toxic and encourages teenagers to avoid and hate education, Get deep into narcotics, Have heavy amounts of sex while under the influence of said narcotics, And other reckless and illegal activities.

  • Not as much as merican

    You people are fake. You buy a furniture and make it look old just to try and be rustic and look tough. You want to have a big truck and make ugly modifications when you do not even work in heavy work. It will just be used to roll in mud and to show off. You have the most fake country accents. I know my accents and that is forced accents. You want to be believe you are part Cherokee and viking when your are none of those by blood.
    You act like you are a tough when you have 5+ guns at your house and get frighten by a black man walking unarmed, I guess you should be because small people with bamboo sticks beat the USA army.
    Yes I laugh at people pretending to be hood gangsters but the mericans make me chuckle more. The biggest fakers of them all.

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