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  • I don't actually know, but I'm really scared.

    The story is that I was patrolling the red light district yesterday 3am when suddenly I find a possibly underage Taiwanese lady boy. Realizing the luck of my situation, I took advantage of it by taking advantage of him, who was drugged to the point of looking like he was dead. I woke up like this all over my face and "private bits", but I only showed my face cuz this is a family site ;). Please don't judge I know all of you would do the exact same in my situation only Gosh can judge me! I have a job interview in about 14 hours, PLEASE HELP!

  • This is a picture on google images...

    Just saw this post and searched up 'herpes' on google images. This was on the front page...
    Like seriously, if you really want to know what herpes looks like, search it up and don't put it on a debate website where any possible answers are probably biased and will take several hours to reply.

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B0HICA says2015-09-23T03:31:10.187
Dude! Go see a doctor. Why are you asking for medical advice on a political forum. And NO! I wouldn't do what you did. I have something called morals. Whatever you got, you deserve it. That's a fact. Hopefuly, if you survive, you'll learn something from this. And God WILL judge you for it. Unless you ask Him to forgive you, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He's the only one who can help you.