Uruguay legalizes same-sex marriage: Should America follow?

  • Just Hurry up.

    America are falling behind as more and more countries legalize it. People just don't see it as a bad thing anymore and more and more people are begining to accept it. I don't think just America should legalize it, i think that everyone should just hurry up an legalize it. People are becoming more aware of whats happeneing so i dont see why they can just legalize it.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, the United States need to follow Uruguay and legalize same-sex marriage. Religious institutions need to be absolutely separate from the government. Let people marry who they want to marry. People in same-sex relationships absolutely deserve the same rights as people who are in heterosexual relationships. To not do this would be unconstitutional.

  • It's a clear-cut constitutional argument.

    It's simple; the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment states that a right afforded to the population by the government must be granted equally to all citizens unless compelling reasons of state prohibit this. For example, if the government issues driver's licenses, it can withhold them from minors (as the state as an interest in safe driving) but not to black people, or Jews, or gays. Laws must apply to and protect all citizens equally in the absence of a compelling state interest.

    According to the Supreme Court's established jurisprudence (Loving v. Virginia, Brown v. Board, etc), homosexuality should meet the conditions for a suspect class under the equal protection clause, just like race, gender, religion, and so on. Because of that, the government should extend legal marriage to same-sex adult couples. It's a simple argument based on our Constitution, our laws, our democratic tradition, and the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court; Leviticus, procreative potential, the prejudices of the Founding Fathers and the "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" mantra just don't come into the picture.

  • Yes, they should.

    America should follow in legalizing same-sex marriages. There is no reason people should not be able to unite in marriage if it is something they really want to do. Denying those people this right is against the constitution and should be allowed to go on any longer. All people have a right to happiness.

  • America Should Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

    This is not a discussion about whether or not we feel they are morally or ethically right in the eyes of a Creator, or Supreme Being, the question is simply put. Should same-sex marriages be legal? All are created equal, and our democratic government is based on that one primary premise more than any other, so considering that simplest of mandates, all marriages should be recognized as governmentally legal. The concept for the religious sector, and the churches and beliefs within those segments, should be of their own choosing, but in the eyes of the law the marriages, and benefits of such, should be recognized legally.

  • Most definitely yes.

    It is past time that the United States legalized gay marriage. The country is falling behind in the world as more and more countries take steps to fully legalize it. Even individual states are taking the step and, as that picks up more steam, the country as a whole will have to follow.

  • Maybe in some ways, but not nationally.

    I really think we should just keep allowing the states to decide what they want, a federal decision on the national level might only cause more problems. In other words, I think it should only be legalized in states that want it there. Personally, I don't like the idea but each person is entitled into his/her own opinion. Summary: it should only be legalized in some states so that homosexuals can live there without having brutal retaliation in places like Texas or Utah, the federal government shouldn't speak for the entire country.

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