US ban on travel to Cuba: Is the ban on US travel to Cuba justified (yes), or should it be repealed (no)?

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  • That ban is stupid.

    I can literally go to every other country in the WORLD except Cuba. Like wuh? I can go to North Korea and ride around with government minders and see North Korea but I can't go Cuba. The Castro regime is still there, the ban in fact fosters their reign, because it gives them something to lean on, "see those bad guys, they're the cause of this, not us." Which in fact bolsters up their rule.

  • No, it has not helped.

    No, the ban on US travel to Cuba is not justified, because there is little evidence that it has helped change anything. Rather, people should travel to Cuba so that Cuba can learn that Americans are nice and that we want to be friends with the citizens of Cuba. Travel to Cuba would open them up to Americans.

  • Repeal US ban on travel to Cuba

    The ban on travel to Cuba by the US should be repealed. This ban has isolated Cuba for years. It has halted tourism between the United States and Cuba, as well as trade. Other industries are affected as well. It is time to repeal the ban and move forward. As unemployment rates are increasing and fewer jobs are being created. Travel to Cuba would open up the job market, decrease unemployment rates in the US, and help with the ever so high debt the US holds.

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