US electoral college: Does the College undermine leader legitimacy?

  • It really does

    The electoral college is swayed by whatever the idea of the rich people area at the time. It creates our corrupt leaders and destroys intellect and obviously, legitimacy. The Question of does it create good leaders is no because the leaders are appointed by Political powerhouses and Bourzwagee style Gentry-snobs that nobody likes the Electoral College is just a group of people hiding behind a symbol getting loads of money not caring about the next president as long as they get their paycheck.

  • Yes, because sometimes the winner doesn't win

    Voters expect that the person who wins the majority of votes will win the election and become the leader.

    When this doesn't happen because of the distorting influence of the electoral college, those who voted in the majority feel that the election was stolen and that the leader is illegitimate.

  • Yes, electoral college undermines leader legitimacy

    Electoral college undermines leader legitimacy because they vote when its a tie and depending on them it decides who is put into office. Which should not be that way because the people of the state should be deciding weather or not who is put in office. Also when their is a important decision such as that the people should have the opportunity to decide and continue to make their opinion count.

  • No, the public knows the elected person won according to the rules.

    The electoral college does not undermine leader legitimacy, because the public knows that the person winning the election was elected according to the rules of the election. The nation has decided that the electoral college is an important value. Because we have agreed the electoral college is important, people have faith in an elected leader that was selected because of the process of the electoral college.

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