US electoral college: Is the college unnecessary to protect small state interests?

  • Arguably, it does the opposite.

    In presidential races, which states get the most attention? Florida and Ohio. Maybe Pennsylvania. Those are all within the top 10 largest states by population. The only small states candidates actually pay attention to are New Hampshire, Nevada, and Iowa.

    What does the electoral college really protect? Swing states. In a state you know you're going to win, you don't need to campaign there to win it by more, thanks to the winner-take-all system. This means that... Wyoming, Vermont, DC, Rhode Island, Montata, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, Arkansas, Delaware, etc. are all ignored! Those are the majority of the small states in the US.

  • Idealism Failed. It's Time to Admit That.

    Although it should help the small states, the electoral college has failed in that respect. Small states that have solidly republican or democrat populations are ignored by politicians, because they only need states, as opposed to votes. Really, it makes politicians favor swing states. These are the places where the race is actually decided. Most small states are, in truth, ignored when it comes to presidential elections.

  • No, it is definitely necessary

    Smaller states still have a sizable quantity of people and live in a much different way than higher population states. For this reason their interests need to be protected by the electoral college to make sure they don't get steamrolled by states which have absolutely no understanding of what it means to live in one of those smaller states.

  • Electoral College Obsolete?

    No, the electoral college is NOT obsolete. The media has characterized the states in the heart of the United States as "flyover states." Without the electoral college, candidates would campaign in the high population states, ignoring low population areas. Keep the electoral college! Protect the little states from being marginalized.

  • Yes, and it has worked.

    Yes, the electoral college is necessary to protect small state interests, because the electoral college has worked. In 2000, President Bush only won the election because of the electoral college. When he ran for reelection in 2004, he won without the electoral college. The voters in the United States are extremely conservative, and it is important that the small interests are not overwhelmed by welfare recipients in big cities.

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