US health care reform: Are the mandates in the health bill justified?

  • This is very controversial, but makes sense.

    The United States has one of, if not the most expensive health care system in the world. This is even with millions of Americans uninsured. Part of the reason is because those who are not insured force tax payers to foot their medical bills. By forcing these people to either pay for health care or pay the fine, it will hopefully lower the burden on tax payers.

  • The Mandates in the US Health Reform Act Are Far-Reaching.

    The United States needs health care reform, this is undoubtable. This nation has one of the most expensive and least effective health care systems in the developed world, a tragedy for a nation that brags about being advanced and number one. The present health care reform bill is flawed, however, and features unfair provisions that will negatively impact a number of individuals. Most detrimental of all is the federal mandate for health care, including fines for those who are not covered. Quite frankly, it's not fair. It's not like car insurance, where a person can simply opt out by not owning a car. This is essentially a fee for living, imposed no matter what if health care is not sought. Some people just cannot afford to have health care. If the health care bill would take out the mandatory enrollment condition, it would be more favorable to a number of individuals.

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