US health care reform: Is progress in this regard beneficial?

  • Yes, we need health care reform.

    A majority of civilized first world nations provide some sort of health care for their citizens because it is recognized as a right that is fundamental and not just for the rich. That is why health care reform is so much needed in the United States, and progress in this area is going to help establish a middle class without which we can not survive.

  • Yes, progress in health care reform is beneficial.

    The United States is pretty much the only industrialized democracy that does not have a national health care system in place to provide basic care to all citizens. Big business has such a tight hold on our government and our ideology that reaching this point is difficult; it stands to lose a lot of money. However, assuring that all U.S. citizens have basic health care is civilized and proper, and it addresses one particularly ugly form of inequality.

  • No. It's bankrupting us.

    It discourages private insurance. It makes the government too powerful. Now the government will be the largest employer, military organization, bank, and insurance company. It puts to much power in hands of give net and makes to many people dependent on government. Our government was meant to be dependent on us, not vice versa.

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