US health care reform: Is reform acceptable w/o public option?

  • Public Option May Hurt More Than Help

    I have known several people whose insurance plans have changed to meet the needs of the ACA Qualifications. This may lower their deductible some, but raises their premiums quite a bit. This is detrimental to our economy. If someone is forced into a plan costing more out-of-pocket initially, a new budget has to be created to enable that person to fulfill their dreams. We are a nation founded under the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. An extra $200 per month in premiums takes away from a person's dreams. They have to take that out of their retirement budget, or a stash they've been saving so start their own business, kid's college fund, whatever. Now their dreams seem less attainable, but hey, their insurance is slightly better!

    People should have more of a choice as to what they pay for insurance, and which options they'd like, and not be penalized in the form of taxation if they choose to opt out of this.

  • Single payer is needed

    Obamacare without a public option is worthless, but even a public option in such a system would only be half-decent. The true solution is single payer, where health insurance is nationalized and where private providers are given the choice of accepting Medicare, which would be available to everyone. It's the only way to fix our system.

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