US-Indian nuclear deal: Does the deal provide sufficient nuclear weapons safeguards?

  • Sufficient Safeguards In Place

    The US-Indian nuclear deal is an important step to establish cheap and renewable energy in India without the associated cost in terms of carbon emissions. The emerging Indian economy will require significant energy to grow as it is currently doing. The deal is sufficiently detailed to contain weapons safeguards to keep the world safe.

  • Ensures Nuclear Watchdogs Monitor Nation's Nuclear Ambitions

    India is the world's largest democracy, but in terms of a nuclear power it is just now coming into prominence. India's pact with the United States allows for a separation of the Asian nation's civil and military nuclear programs while the civil versions are under the watchful eyes of the IAEA. Any transfer of materials from civilian sites will be handled by an international organization to ensure any possible bomb-making materials don't fall into the wrong hands. The Indian military takes care of its small arsenal of nuclear weapons.

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