US Military: Should they burn pits at chemical weapons facilities linked to soldiers' illnesses?

  • Yes, chemical weapons can be linked to soldiers' illnesses

    Yes, Anytime that there are chemical weapons involved, there is a risk for health issues to arise, especially when there are combatants that are exposed up close and personal to these chemicals, it is very likely that there are unforeseen problems that can provoke a military person to fall prey of chemically induced illness.

  • Doesn't seem to smart

    I don't understand how this can be safe. Seems to me that there would be a safer way to dispose of these chemicals. I think that they should outlaw this immediately and just then maybe our troops wouldn't be having these issues. Overall I think this is poor handling by our military.

  • No, Burn pits are known health risks and there are alternatives.

    In 2015 the United States was projected to allocate around 598 Billion dollars for military spending. With that amount of money it should possible to find a better alternative for waste management than a burn pit. Especially considering that burn pits are a known health risk, with a history of issues.

  • They should not burn pits at chemical weapons facilities.

    They should not burn pits at chemical weapons facilities. Burning chemical weapons in open pits releases dangerous chemicals into the air. People in the area and downwind from the facility can be greatly injured from these fumes. There are better and safer methods of disposing of chemical weapons. These safer methods should be used instead.

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