US offshore oil drilling: Are drilling rigs aesthetically tolerable?

  • Drilling rigs are aestetically tolerable.

    Drilling rigs are utilitarian structures. There is little reason for them to look good other than for the general public. Rigs can be tolerated as long as they are not actively trying to make the seascape less beautiful. They serve an important purpose that cannot be easily deflected to something else. Unless people want to stop using oil then oil stations are tolerable.

  • Yes, they are tolerable aesthetically. They could be a lot worse!

    It's an argument that all sides can agree upon, drilling rigs usually aren't the prettiest thing to look at. However, they could be a lot worse! The reason drilling rigs look so bad to most is because we are comparing them to the absence of a rig. Given a drilling rig that is offshore over water you would be comparing the view to none other than what the view would be without the rig even being there. Nothing can compare to the beauty of mother nature. No one is arguing that but drilling rigs aren't really that bad looking if you think about it. They are pretty industrial and many people like that sort of look.

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