US offshore oil drilling: Would offshore drilling reduce US foreign dependencies?

  • Yes. We should explore more offshore drilling.

    Yes. Based on the United States dependence on foreign oil, I truly believe we should spend even more time exploring our options for offshore drilling. Many people based our need for oil on the automotive sector, however people fail to realize that there is oil in everything from plastic to lip balm. Creating our own supply of refined oil would save America billions of dollars every year.

  • History has shown that more domestic drilling rarely leads to less foreign oil

    The promise of separating ourselves from foreign oil has been made to the American people for a half century now, and it's a promise that has gone unkept every time. More drilling in Alaska, Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico has shifted the priced of oil very little. The other problem is that a vast amount of oil land is held by private individuals that will only pump when the price gets to a target. In the US, we have found it more profitable to export our finished products for higher values to other developing countries that lack the refineries we have in the states. At the same time, it's been cheaper to import raw crude from countries that have an abundance of oil. If you look at it based on US interests, what happens when other countries deplete their supplies and the US is the one sitting on huge untapped reserves. It's how America could become the uncontested super power of the world in the short term...Until our oil also runs out.

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