US President Donald Trump invites India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Will this help strengthen the partnership between the US and India?

  • Trump's invite to Modi will strengthen the partnership between the US and India.

    The partnership between the US and India will be strengthen by Trump inviting Modi. When politicians meet with foreign officials, this sends a message to the officials and their citizens that America wants to know what they feel. This increases trust and confidence in America, bringing better relations between the two nations.

  • Yes, it will strenghthen the partnership.

    US President Donald Trump has invited India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in what appears to be efforts to strengthen partnership between their countries. If you can recall Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-pacific Partnership and one of the consequences of this move is America loosing market for its export hence the need to look for new trading partners.

  • Yes, this will strengthen ties between the two nations.

    President Trump hosting India's Prime Minister will help strengthen ties between the two nations. American-Indian relations have become a bit strained over the last several years. A meeting between the two leaders could help restore a strong alliance. There are many areas where the two countries could work together, making a big difference.

  • If there money involved for DJT

    Trump has little to no diplomatic experience, and treats everything as if he were negotiating a business deal. For all we know, he's probably looking to expand his brand in India. Inviting the Indian Prime Minister isn't about partnership or America, it's about Trump and his bottom line, and it's even worse, since he hasn't divested from his businesses.

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