US quietly releasing USD 1.6 billion in Pakistan aid, even while being in debt themselves. Is that a reward for hiding Osama?

Asked by: Thoughts
  • Yes, this is bad policy.

    Yes, aiding Pakistan after they aided Obama is an unfortunate reward for hiding Osama. Pakistan knew what they were doing when they his Osama for all those years. The United States should pull all of the aid to Pakistan and declare war, in order to punish Pakistan for its actions in harboring an enemy of the United States.

  • No think the large picture.

    Think about everything before we judge. We need stability in the region we don't things to get out of control when it comes to things. At times this may take sacrifice to get things better for the larger picture. This country has received money from us for a long time.

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Thoughts says2013-11-24T23:12:24.670
All the while Obama and his minions were attacking the Republicans for 'holding the country hostage', 'not letting America meet its financial obligations', damaging and economy, and when the debt ceiling was raised, they throw 1.6B to Pakistan, who harbored OBL for years and pretended to be our friend?
Thoughts says2013-11-24T23:17:48.833
It's not hard to visualize some guy smiling and chuckling with broken, dirty teeth, wearing a robe, a towel wrapped around his head, holding an AK in one hand and the leash to a woman's throat in the other while standing in a cave and looking around to see if he will be able to park his new Rolls Royce in between the Lamborghini and his Range Rover or if he'll need to buy a car elevator like the one his cousin in America just installed in Mitt Romney's house.

"I love America." he says as he kicks the woman