US sanctions on North Korea: Does North Korea pose a threat to our national security?

  • North Korea is dangerous

    North Korea could kill us all. Kim Jong un is a nutcase and needs to be stopped. The us military force is perfect for the job however trump is not fit to lead the attack. Communist countries should be given more power in the war effort. They should be calling the shots.

  • North Korea More Talk than Action

    North Korea enjoys using harsh rhetoric against the United States and its allies, but the country is relatively weak and crippled. It employs a large army, but North Korea would never attack the United States and could be repelled by other nations anyways. The U.S. needs to impose harsher sanctions on N. Korea and show the country that there is no room for idle threats.

  • No, North Korea does not pose a threat to national security.

    No, North Korea does not pose a threat to our national security. I believe that North Korea does not pose a threat because historically they have only threatened but never followed through on their threats when the time came. They have implicitly never "picked a fight" they were not sure they could win. In many ways they seem to pose more of a threat to countries smaller in size then their own.

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