US special relationship with Israel: Is the US special relationship with Israel justified (yes), or should it be normalized (no)?

  • America should have a good relationship with Israel

    America is a free country and sometimes countries develop special bonds with other countries. They are our ally. This automatically means we will have a good relationship with them. We are free to give preferential treatment to the countries that we choose. Our beliefs and values are alligned with Israel and this is okay.

  • Israel Needs to Stand on Its Own

    Israel has been in existence for nearly 70 years. It's time for the country to stand on its own without extraordinary help from the United States. The time to pity the Jewish state for Hitler's atrocities is over. Palestiniains are still mad they have to give up land to people who weren't living there in the first place. The Jewish homeland needs to live in peace with its neighbors without the help of the US. Once oil from the Middle East isn't needed anymore, relations with Israel should be normalized as importation of oil is less critical to America's energy needs.

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