US to Russia: No torture, death penalty for Snowden. Do you believe them?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • I doubt it.

    There isn't much reason to kill him at this point. He is obviously not seen as a traitor to the United States by the majority of the public. And he was more or less reminding everyone that the United States has been doing this for years, and that we already should've known. He has not done something like leaking military weapons or anything. But the government needs its secrets too, and it is prosecuting Snowden to show that you can't just tell everyoje about what the government is doing. It was still illegal. I just don't know why he is sacrificing his lifestyle to tell us what we knew.

  • Yes for several reasons

    I don't think Russia cares that much about how Snowden would be treated. Therefore it seems unlikely that, if the US would have the intention to kill Snowden, this would bring them any closer. Would they really risk the consequences of lying about this for the extremely small chance that this reason will convince Russia? I don't think so.
    Since the US is already divided on Snowden, the death punishment would cause unnecessary revolt, especially after this promise. Imprisonment would be a more logical choice for the US.
    Bradley Manning's prosecution has also stated that it will not seek the death penalty, so why would this be different for Snowden?
    Torture has also drastically decreased, if not disappeared, under Obama, and I don't think this will be resumed.

    Posted by: las
  • They are lying

    HAHAHAHAHA! No, Obama has lied too often about the whistleblowers. Would he get the death penalty, don't know. But they will torture him to the best of their power and ensure that he ends up like Manning and rots in jail forever and ensure that he gets like 100 or so years in jail if they don't do it.

  • Obama reimplemented torture and death

    Current US law allows death and torture for espionage, why would they not use it on Snowden? Turns out we're turning into another authoritarian presidential republic like Belarus or Myanmar, we shouldn't trust the state anymore (I might get arrested for saying that, the US has always been known to arrest political prisoners).

  • U.S. Asserts: though we are serial liars, you can believe us on this one

    If the U.S. Government has proved anything it's that they specialize in lying. Over the least 10 years, one enormous U.S. Government lie after another has been exposed (remember those WMD's that Iraq had? We should go to war. No doubt). Recent months have driven the point home with undeniable precision. The U.S. Governments lies. Serially. Of course I can't believe them.

    As an aside: their treatment of Bradley Manning serves as a likely template for Snowden's future were he to be extradited to the U.S. It appears that Manning was subjected to terrible conditions. So the U.S. Is promising to hold itself above "torture" and "death penalty." So magnanimous of this great nation. At the very least, Snowden is certain to be treated terribly. And, more to the important, the U.S. Government is a cereal liar so anything they say ought be treated with extreme skepticism from the start. It seems unlikely that Snowden would be tortured or killed (in known U.S. Custody), but the U.S. Has done worse for lesser crimes.

    Posted by: dj21
  • Haha, are you even serious, USA?

    Look at what you did to Bradley Manning. You didn't make a promise to keep him well, but, he was a whistleblower (and a hero), and was/is abused heavily, kept naked and in solitary confinement. Probably wasn't fed either.

    Look, even if Russia hands him over, and the government CLAIMS that there is no abuse, can you really believe them? The government has LIED TO US MANY TIMES before, such as about Iraq (is about oil and money), and Afghanistan (for opium).

    The only reason the US hasn't killed him/ won't kill him (if he comes here), is because it would cause revolt, and popularity would decrease for politicians, and they may not be reelected. And, while he's in prison, who to see what happens? Who's to say whether he's been abused or not.

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Ragnar says2013-07-28T03:03:26.413
Define torture. I heard they denied terrorists access to guns, which they needed to use as a part of their religion.