US voters crossing party lines in primary elections: Should US voters be allowed to cross party lines in primary elections?

  • Vote for Person

    Vote for the person, Not a party. Voting party is nothing but being a sheep following every body in that flock. No reason to vote. Many foreign countries rule that way. We should be free to vote for who we want, Not the way the state wants us to vote.

  • It should be a right to choose who, not restricted by what party.

    My belief is that the party situation no longer applies. First, we should be able to choose for ourselves. Second, candidates choose the party that will give them the most votes - they do not truly follow what the original parties were established to represent. Time has changed as so should this.

  • Change party vote in primary election

    I have see how bad democrats have messed up our country I like the republican views even tho I am registered democrat. I should be allowed to crossover my vote in the primaries. If I can't then I will not vote till the general election. I do not think this is a fair way of voting.

  • Being American should give you freedom of choice when it comes to your vote.

    The problem with our 2 party system is that they expect you to act like sheep. When I choose a candidate to vote for, I vote for the one who best represents my situation. I don't think it's fair to have my choices held hostage by one party or the other. The only thing this accomplishes is making voters less interested in making informed choices of better candidates.

  • United States voters should be allowed to cross party lines in primary elections.

    United States voters should be allowed to cross party lines in primary elections. A political party is just a group that you identify with, so if your personal identity changes, you should be allowed to change with it. Some times people go with one party at first, but when they try to change their mind, they can't.

  • If voters could cross primary lines, they may vote for the least popular candidate.

    Though voters should have the right to vote for whomever they choose, crossing voting lines during primary elections leaves too much room for corruption in the political system. A member of one party could easily vote in the other parties primary election for the candidate who they believe will lose just so that their candidate has a better chance of winning.

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