• Americans Hate Serbians

    Americans are so against my homeland Serbia. Why? Because we are one of the few who will stand up against other evil religions. You protestant catholic Americans do not know th true God He is of Serbian ethnicity. Americans think that God is American But he is actually a Serb. Americans hate my country they bombed Serbia bomb Kosovo. Kosovo is a part of Serbia overrun by Albanian terrorists funded by USA because USA wants us weak so they can laugh at us. Serbia is a proud country to repel the Turks, and then America allies Turkey so they can TRY to crush us, but THEY NEVER WILL. We are stronger than American cowards who bomb and TURk losers haha remember when SERBIA + RUSSIA KILL YOU OTTOMANS??

  • That people actually believe this XD

    In short, no, we aren't. Yes, there are racist whites and Christian supremacists and also black racists and Muslim supremacists. But the media stretches it out to be a lot worse then it really is... Honestly, double check everything you hear on the news because a decent chunk of it is exaggeration.

    Also that first agree comment is so funny XD

  • No, you are confused.

    You are obviously trolling, and you don't even know the truth of what has been happening in Serbia, Turkey, etc. Why waste your time with childish foolishness? If you wait a few years, perhaps you will then be ready to at least be rational about things and have a decently informed opinion.

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Tadpole1957 says2015-07-16T17:00:44.607
Yes the blacks are the worst racist, most of the whites had moved o. But since Obama he has caused everything to go back 20 years more hate now than I ever seen.