USA laws ..U cant drink until u r 21 but can buy gun when u r 16.. Very smart

Asked by: raquel123
  • Alcohol is very addictive.

    So teenagers should NOT be consuming these, especially when they are growing and under education. Alcoholism does affect freshmen, and it does interfere with education. Now i know all you people say these kids must learn to control drinking frequency but in a country with the third most populated country, how will you guarantee that? THere will always be exploiters. So the minimum drinking age of 21 is fine. Most college and university students should have learn responsibility when it comes to drinking as they succeeded from high school.

    Now for guns, since it is a non-consumable possession it is fine for a 16 year old to own one. Guns don't affect the way 16 year olds grow and learn. Guns are used for hunting and defence. Well unless your 16 year old brought guns to school and threaten everyone, well sure it give him/her a criminal record which will affect the future. But this incident isn't common, and parents should safeguard their kids.

  • I learned to shoot a gun at age 10.

    It was a good bonding experience with my bros and Dad, and they have you go through a gun safety class. You might as well say "You can't drink until you're 21, but you can drive when you're 16. (Technically 15.)"
    Would you rather us be able to drink before we can shoot? You'd be surprised how cruel some people are. My brother is living on the wrong side of town, and I'm so happy he knows how to shoot and was able to buy and know how to handle his gun at that age. Now he has years of experience under his belt, and I wouldn't be surprised to wake up to my brother texting me that some people broke into his house and he was able to defend himself.
    If you've got a problem with us being able to buy a gun at a young age, find a good reason why they shouldn't be able to and send a message somewhere that will take it into consideration.

  • Be your own gun control

    At the age of 16 you can buy a rifle or shotgun , not a pistol . They allow 16year old to do this for hunting purposes. Honestly I find
    nothing wrong with it at all , it teaching your kids to respect guns and to know proper gun use . That's responsible. Now letting a 16 year old down a bottle of liquor , that's sounds idiotic .

  • It really is.

    If you know the ins and outs of gun safety before you get drunk, you are less likely to be a moron while intoxicated. There are also entirely different things. Alcohol is a question of development. You can be a psycho manchild and legally drink, because you aren't developing anymore. Guns are a question of maturity. The psycho manchild is less likely to be able to sit through the whole "gun safety" shebang, and therefore not get a gun, despite being legally old enough to do so.

  • Alcohol kill yourself, a gun kills others.

    I don't think alcohol is so bad between 16 and 21, if you drink alcohol, you won't always suffer its effects, but there are quite many teenagers who are not resposible when they have a gun. It is much worse if somebody kills somebody who hooked up with his or her partner than somebody who passes out with alcohol.

  • We don't need laws in the usa

    Teens should do whatever they want . I would move to Mexico or Canada cause I don't like usa im only here cause I was born here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Craighawley215 says2015-07-14T15:38:44.187
What do you mean, "buy a gun when u r 16?" The federal law prohibits licensed dealers from selling long guns to anyone under 18. Handgun laws differ by state, but 21 is the average age requirement to buy a handgun.