USA Network’s ‘Psych’ Bows Out With 1.9M Viewers: Will you miss Shawn and Gus?

  • Yes, this show is the best!

    It has it all for great entertainment! Shawn and Gus are great and have a wonderful connective vibe that is felt thru the screen. All the characters are just perfect! Good always beating evil and the laughs! Oh I love how this show makes me laugh and giggle! I really hate it is ending and will watch them again and again on Netflix and Hulu!!!!

  • Yes, I will miss Shawn and Gus.

    I think that the show Psych was incredibly entertaining, and I will miss it. There is rarely a television show where the two main protagonists have so much chemistry and comedic timing than the actors playing Shawn and Gus. It is always sad when a quality show bows out, especially when there are almost two million viewers watching.

  • Yes, it was a very funny show.

    While it wasn't a show that I made every effort not to miss, it was great to watch on the weekends when very little else was on. Shawn and Gus made a great team and were incredibly funny together. I think it was a very well written comedy which seems harder and harder to find nowadays. It wasn't the best show on television, but I will miss tuning in every now and then.

  • I Agree Psych should be cancelled

    I have never watched the show. I may have seen it on a commercial preview, but it was not interesting enough to keep my interest. I mean, it's a show about a police consultant who everyone thinks has to be psychic because he is very perceptive and confident when solving cases. It's more of a spectacle show than an actual fact-based show like Law and Order, SVU. They at least rely on technology rather than someone's supposed hunches.

  • No I Won't

    I will not miss Shawn and Gus, nor the show Psych. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. No cable, no satellite. We can't afford these services and we certainly don't want to watch the amount of commercials included on these services. We have never watched Psych in this house and therefore can not miss it.

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