• Do you realise how lucky America is?

    US advantages in Germany geography, demography and law are very deep and ingrained. America is at the veneer of the world economy and the Chinese are hostage to the american economy. All those voting no, I recommend 'the next hundred years' by George Friedman. A lot of you make incoherent, unsupported arguments. Please challenge me if you want to discuss further

  • Yes, we are the strongest world power

    The US economy is the largest based on GDP in the world. Our geographical location puts us in the center of the global trade routes, we have a fleet presence in every single ocean on the planet (the first in human history to ever do so), we contain 30% of the planets wealth (second place goes to the EU at 29% and third is Japan at 9%), we are a permeant member of the security council and the largest share holders in most international banking agencies, a leading member and founder of NATO and several other bilateral defense agreements, our currency is the defacto reserve currency of the world, we fund 22% of the UN's budget, have the logistical supply lines to wage multiple military campaigns on opposite ends of the planet at once (once again, the only nation capable of such a feat), have a lengthy list of allies, and we control most of the satellites in space. We are one of only 3 superpowers in all of human history (US, USSR, British Empire), and the only one still standing.

  • We are faster and better at everything

    There are other countries that do come close to the US, but none that compare. Yes we may be in debt a lot of money, but that doesn't stop us from being the best. We have close to no inflation, crime rates have been dropping, we put the most money into our military out of the top 10 countries combined, and we have some of the most used trade routes surrounding us on each coast. I don't know of any country that can compete with the US.

  • Currently, the US is the sole superpower

    I am no fan of the United States, but I have to agree that they are the world power. Currently, the US have the strongest economy, military, and the most influence in the world. Which is why everyone around the world worries for American politics, because it affects the rest of the world. No one cares about Chinese politics. But I am sure the US won't remain superpower for long. They have tremendous debts, and have a lot of their products come from other countries like China . China has potential to become the next superpower, and if they really desire superpower status, they can probably achieve it.

  • Yes, the US is undisputably the strongest world power, for now.

    The US has a military and GDP several times the size of it's nearest competitors. The numbers don't lie, we are The MOST powerfull country now, maybe we will have serious contenders in the future, but that is irrelevant to the question.

    Lets see the Lineups:

    Military (Credits to Daniel Kearns for his original post on Quora):


    The US spends close to what the entire rest of the world spends in defense. 711 Billion. Per year. The next closest is China at 143 Billion.

    The M1 Abrams tank has seen more combat than just about any other tank on the battlefield today. It has never been knocked out by enemy fire. (Completely killed) Ever. China has less than five hundred Type 99 tanks, that have just been developed, and are not even close to being as good as the Abrams. We have 8,700 Abrams.

    We have 10 super aircraft carriers. And another 10 smaller carriers. Everyone else has 10. Combined. And they are mostly small ships that can launch helicopters. No one else has a super carrier.

    There are 8400 attack helicopters in the world. The US has 6400 of them.

    The United States has engaged in every type of ground warfare in the last 20 years. From mountains to jungles, and from desert to urban, we have the some of the most experienced warriors in the world. No other country comes close to the amount of combat veterans that we have.

    We own all the satellites that guide GPS systems. We have all the advanced stealth technology. The latest sensors? US. The latest information systems? US. An Abrams tank can see a target, the Tank Commander can instantly send that target to every tank in his Company. Now you have 14 tanks looking for you. Oh, and it also uploads to every Apache helicopter in the area. Every indirect and direct fire system in the area knows what you are and where you are. Your survivability just dropped to 0. Instantly.

    Fighting a conventional war against the US would be like a 3 year old child playing chess against Gary Kasparov. They wouldn't even know what they were supposed to be looking at"

    The US has undoubtably won the military smackdown, I think I'll let someone else tackle the economy part (this is where things get debatable).

    Let me just say that the US's GDP in still 7.53 trillion ahead of China's and China's economy has not been performing as well as hoped recently. It is unlikely they will surpass the US if they do not solve their socio-economic problems (Lol yes, the US isn't the only country with those).

  • China and the EU haven't bypassed us yet

    Countries like China and Russia, or the EU (I know, it's not a country) do have potential to bypass us. However, they have some barriers in the way to becoming a superpower. Statistics prove we're pretty much the strongest country at this point. China has some barriers in the way, such as pollution and an aging population. The EU countries are simply too separated and too culturally different. India and Russia are only a regional power, and probably aren't close to achieving a superpower status. While it's likely that China may bypass us as a world power, we currently remain the strongest and most powerful country.

  • Money and Military

    We currently have the largest economy in the world, over half of all transactions in the world us the U.S. currency, and most of the other currencies are backed by the dollar. We have a larger navy than the top other 17 navies combined. We have the two largest air forces in the world. We are categorically the strongest world power, wether we stay that way is up for debate.

  • China, Japan, Mexico, Russia.

    Mexico's leaders are smarter than ours and have built their economy off of spoiling ours. Our nation's dollar is about the equivalent to a Euro, and you can get more with a Euro than you can with our's. Our economy is falling apart. Our military is being brought down to basically nothing with Obama in office. In all education fields we are way behind. We are 16 trillion dollars in debt, and climbing. China controls the world economy and have the most advanced scientists. Japan is making everything. Russia's military might be on our level. We don't even have that nationalism our country was built upon. We are a socialist country now that is too obsessed with twitter and instagram to care about our nation.

  • Hello, China Anyone? Or, what about Russia?!

    OMG, the arrogance is astounding. The US is pervaded with so much propaganda to distract it's populace and point the finger elsewhere, so it's not surprising that this is even a question.
    But, no. China has way more people and a much faster growing economy. China's military is larger. Russia is also pretty strong from a military standpoint otherwise the Crimea situation would have never occurred. In fact, Russia is so strong that no country has been willing to do anything about it other than scold it through sanctions....

  • China, China, China. Never underestimate the sheer stupidity of your average North American.

    China has a Billion more people and you should check out a timeline of the fastest growing economies in the world (http://money.Cnn.Com/news/economy/world_economies_gdp/). Watch China grow from below France's economy in 2004 to overtaking Japan in 2009. China is projected to nearly overtake the U.S. by 2030. Take a look at education stats. The USA is among the worst ranked modernized countries in terms of education, obesity, environmental protection and people who think the earth is thousands of years old. I mean, let's not get too carried away here - the USA is among the most religious modern countries, some 70% of those who regularly attend church also believe that evolution is a myth. I mean this is scary stuff.

    We are talking about a nation whose congress actually used a snowball to show that it wasn't THAT warm outside.

  • Used to think USA was the strongest but....

    Not anymore, I have to say, as much as it concerns me, China looks like the new super power. I'm sure that the TV in the USA portrays to the nation that they are they big hitters, but unfortunately for them, the outside world's view is very different.
    Don't get me wrong, the UK loves the USA, but I'm giving an honest opinion. I would even suggest Russia is second to China.

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PericIes says2015-08-24T21:51:49.667
@ANichols0063 You basically paraphrased Donald Trump as the basis for what appears to be an attempt at a serious argument. You have lost your right to an opinion.