Use of police robot to kill Dallas shooting suspect: Should the government use robots more often to stop violent acts?

  • It depends on several factors.

    The use of technology to stop violent acts is wonderful if you ask me. But we have to pay attention to the costs that are appended to technology. How much is it going to cost, money-wise to stop these acts? Is it going to be cost effective? Will it be usable after? How long will it last? there are many questions pertaining to this topic we still don't have answers to.

  • Robots can be a helpful detterant to violence

    The man who was suspected of perpetrating the shooting in Dallas was killed after a tense showdown with police, which finally ended in the use of a robot armed with a bomb. This is an example of how advanced technology can put a stop to violent confrontations, with the possibility of deterring them altogether.

  • End the aggression

    Police agencies should use any means at their disposal to safely end hostage and active shooter situations. There are too many people with access to weapons that can kill and injure many, quickly. The goal of law enforcement should be to protect as many people, as quickly as possible, every time, using robots if that helps.

  • Robots should not be used to stop violent acts

    Using robots to stop violent acts in theory but in actuality I don't think it will have good results. It stopping violent acts people need to have very critical thinking which I think would be lacking in a robot. Robots would need to be programmed for certain things and there would be many glitches for the robots.

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