Using animals for entertainment should be banned

Asked by: Hilal
  • We don't need to abuse animals cause we have Netflix

    The beginning of the modern circus starts in the 18th century with Philip Astley, A cavalry officer from England. He opened in Lambeth, London on 4 April 1768, An amphitheatre for the display of horse riding tricks.
    A lot of entertainment in the 18th century, When compared to modern entertainment, Was either rather mundane or very macabre. In the household, Entertainment typically consisted of board games like chess and backgammon while tennis and a crude version of football were played outside of the home.
    However, Nowadays we have unlimited entertainment at our fingertips. Surely we don't rely on lions jumping on stools?

  • Animals shouldn't be used for entertainment.

    Animals are being held captive and treated poorly by trainers or entertainers. Hence, Using animals for entertainment is not only unethical but also cruel. It is also widely known that those animals become depressed and their lives are put at risk. Living in their own habitat freely is their right.

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