Using sanctions to end child labor: Are child labor abuses a serious problem?

  • Yes they are.

    In some countries child labor abuses are a very serious problem. These offending countries should be sanctioned and watched so that they are not able to use child labor. These children are suffering and not being given a chance at life. Many of them are getting sick from the work environment and something should be done.

  • Children should be protected

    Child labor should never be used and there should be major sanctions against using this form of labor. The people that use child labor use these kids to make more money then they would normally and use these kids. Children should not be forced to work because they do not know how to think for themselves and are just being exploited.

  • Child labor should not be allowed

    Children need to be educated, nurtured, and allowed to just be children. If using sanctions helps end child labor I think it would be a good choice. As adults, we should want our children to become responsible members of society. This is done best by allowing children to be under the responsibility of a responsible adult who cares for them and will raise them well.

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