Using sanctions to end child labor: Will sanctions have the desired impact, pressuring countries to liberalize their labor laws?

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  • Sanctions will help ease or remove child labor

    Imposing sanctions on other countries will in the end help to end child labor. It will have the desired effect, especially on the nations taking part in child labor, but with every sanctions it will take time, effort and money. Over they years and pressure from other countries, countries that practice child labor will be forced not to partake in this heinous acts.

  • Sanctions for child labor laws

    Child labor laws are important to inact to protect children's ability to enjoy their childhood and more importantly, live out that childhood, without factory conditions or having to work. I believe that child labor law sanctions are priceless and important to inact, however, depending on the country at hand, those sanctions will be overlooked and gone over by the government to create overhead and money for their country.

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