• Yes, absolutely it should.

    Marijuana should certainly be used to treat PTSD. After all the veterans have done for us, they suffer great after affects when returning home. There is no logical reason why this method of treatment should be avoided. Any reasonable methods used to treat PTSD should be implemented for immediate use.

  • Yes, marijuana is a valid treatment for PTSD.

    Yes, doctors should be able to prescribe marijuana as a treatment for PTSD. Other sedatives and anti-anxiety medications are prescribed to help people suffering from this disease ease their symptoms, so marijuana should not be treated differently. If it is used for other diseases to ease pain and anxiety, it should be available for survivors of trauma as well.

  • Yes: If It Helps, Why Not?

    I believe that any substance used medicinally, whether it is marijuana or anything else, affects individuals differently. While some may suffer increased anxiety from the use of marijuana, others may find complete relief from anxiety. Marijuana is not any more harmful than many of the pills frequently being prescribed to help with PTSD and other mental health conditions.

  • No, I do not think marijuana should be used to treat PTSD.

    I do not believe marijuana (pot) should be used to treat PTSD because post traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness that needs to be treated with therapy and healthy coping strategies. I fail to see how getting high would help other than that it might ease the nerves. There are plenty of healthy ways to relax and ease your nerves that don't involve drugs of any kind.

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