Vaccinations.... For them or against them.... Why? (Please explain)

Asked by: Sully.72
  • Herd Immunity Helps Children

    Herd Immunity is the fact that if ~90% or more of people in a population are immune, outbreaks are far less likely to spread. This would protect the people who can't get vaccines due to disease or age. Everyone should be required to help society by being immune to disease so people with weaker immune systems or allergies can stay safe as well.
    Also, no cons other than allergies in some people.

  • Vaccines are OK: and help protect the populous

    I'm not sure why anyone would choose not to get the vaccine if they do not have some serious immune deficiency syndrome or otherwise are too weak to get it. It makes 0 sense the arguments the other side is making like "YOU CAN GET THE VIRUS!!!11" as countless scientific journals have proven this false. The vaccine only contains antigens, which strengthen your immune system.

    If it's something minor such as flu vaccines, it's ok if you don't get it: it's pretty much just an inconvienience for you if you catch the virus. But incurable or potentially fatal viruses which you can 90% of the time prevent? Why wouldn't you get that shot? And the argument "it's only effective 50% of the time", where does this come from? What facts do you have to back this up?

  • Ignorance is a virus

    Vaccines have been proven to work, measles was a widespread illness that was is now extremely rare. The only reason it has made a comeback is due to people not vaccinating, vaccination doesn't just affect you but our herd immunity. If a large enough percentage is vaccinated, it will protect people who can't get a vaccine such as the too young, old, or allergic from getting the illness. This means by not being vaccinated you put others at risk.

  • Why not get a vaccination?

    There is no reason that you shouldn't get a vaccination. A study in the 90's said that vaccinations, apparently, develop autism in children. However, it has been since proven that the study was false and used false evidence, yet it still scares us away from getting vaccinations. Also, just because you may feel a little sick after getting the vaccinations, the side effects of getting them pale next to the virus itself. There is no reason that you should not get a vaccination.

  • They don't work

    The main reason people go to get vaccinated is to reduce the risk of catching any type of disease. Although, over the course of time, some vaccinations have been proven to be more effective than others. But, for the past five years (2010-2015) the vaccination has been proven to be only 50% effective, but has gone down since then (this year it is around 25% effective.) Plus, why would you want to inject yourself with fluids when you could end up being infected with the disease? I choose not to risk it.

  • They are toxic

    Vaccines do not, and have not cured any disease, actually they caused many, the poly epidemic was caused by a vaccine given prior to the outbreak. The reason why there are less illnesses is because we live cleaner. The chemicals in the vaccines have been proven to cause: cancer, calcification, and autism, Its a money making, controlling, government, and big pharma scam!

    Posted by: Wa
  • Proving not to work

    Why take a chance of infecting yourself with what could be a dangerous virus that may not even work when injected? If you choose not to get vaccinated IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Nobody should tell you that you must get a shot to be healthy. What about the flu shot this year? Hahah that turned out good huh?

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