• Holiday Needs Humor

    Granted, a Vinegar Valentines would not be for the faint of heart. It just seems that Valentine's Day has lost its edge. A little sarcasm and cynicism would actually make the holiday less stressful for everyone. A touch of humor and wit would do the holiday a world of good.

  • Yes, Vinegar Valentines should be brought back

    I'm all for sarcasm and wit, and thus think Vinegar Valentines are hilarious when given to the correct people in the right context. There is a whole slew of people out there who despise the holiday but have no proper outlet to express that. Vinegar Valentines give them that opportunity.

  • Vinegar Cards In A New Fashion

    Have Vinegar cards really ever gone away? Vinegar cards from the 1840's were sent anonymously as a form of spite to the "Valentine", but it goes without saying that some of the Meme's that go around today are just about as abrupt. Vinegar cards should just keep their place in history and not make a comeback since we don't need any more negative images brought back into our society today.

  • No, it would just add more waste to an already overly consumerist day

    In my opinion, the Vinegar Valentine card should not be brought back as it would just add another element of consumerism to a day that is supposed to be about love and partnership. Valentine's Day cards and merchandise already generate enough waste and unnecessary items without the reintroduction of the Vinegar Valentine.

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