Valerie Fairman dead of overdose: Can a troubled child ever turn her life around?

  • A troubled child can turn their life around.

    A troubled child can turn their life around but there are many factors. First and foremost is the present support system. If there are people around you doing the same bad things or simply being yes-men, then you are at a great disadvantage when it comes to getting better. One must also consider what resources are available such as clinics and doctors.

  • Every day is an opportunity for change

    They say that Valerie may have overdosed but she is the exception not the rule. There are many people who have gone through the pits of hell and made it to the other side. As long as the human animal has hope they are unstoppable. Like many of us, once we give in to the trauma it is easy to be consumed by it. Once we realize that the power is from within the possibilities are endless.

  • Yes, a troubled child can turn her life around.

    Of course a troubled child can turn her life around. However, it takes a lot of work on the child's part, as well as from the child's family and friends. The child must have a strong support group that will hold her accountable. She must also have the will power to change her life too.

  • It is too hard.

    A person's personality is formed by the time they are very young. When that personality is formed, there is not a lot that a person can do in order to turn things around. Ultimately, they will always go back to bad habits. This is tragic for children who never really have a chance in life.

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