Value of the Mexican peso drops to all-time low after Trump win: Do Mexicans fear Trump's potential actions?

  • Yes, Mexicans probably fear Trump's actions

    Yes, Mexicans probably fear Trump's actions. Trump has been very clear about his feelings toward Mexicans. Citizens of that country face many potential problems now that he is in office: an influx of people being sent back, fights over walls, an end to trade with the U.S. and other unpredictable actions that Trump may or may not take.

  • Yes, Mexicans fear Trump's potential actions.

    Yes, Mexicans do fear Trump's potential actions. Donald Trump has made his interest in deporting illegal Mexican immigrants very clear, and also has stated that he would like to build a border wall funded by Mexico. Now that he has become president of the United States, he has the potential to make good on these claims, which is a real cause for concern for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. The plummeting value of the Peso is the latest indication of this concern.

  • Yes, I think so.

    For those who like to gamble in currencies, it probably is a good time to buy some pesos. After shocks like these, prices do eventually rebound somewhat.
    Remember what Warren Buffett said - be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. That is why he has far more money than any of us will ever have.

  • Yes, I agree.

    This is actually very true. Mexicans ought to fear Trump's potential actions. This is because his actions has resulted to the value of the Mexican peso to drop to all-time low. This was actually evidenced after Trump's victory during the presidential elections. Therefore, the Mexicans should fear Trump's potential actions.

  • Temporary fear only

    Confidence in the Mexican peso (MXN) plummeted initially following the election results of president Donald Trump, the dollar to peso ratio rising as high as 21.60+ MXN . However, the dollar to peso ratio is now only 19.56 MXN as of writing this message, Mexicans initially did fear Trump's potential actions, however investor confidence is Mexico is restoring considering Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world, global investors choosing not to invest in Mexico are missing out on profits, the returning of these investors clears any fear that the Mexican people might have about Trump's potential actions.

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